iVibe Vibrating Massager

Gvibe Vibrating Massager is now available on Android.
Get it in the Android Market!

Be part of the Millions of people who are satisfied users of iVibe Massager. 

Each setting features mesmerizing graphics that move to the “beat” of the vibration. iVibe  Vibrating Massager makes great use of the iPhone’s internal vibration mode. By allowing multiple settings to be chosen at the tap of the screen, the user can easily cycle through the different vibrating settings.

But what can I use a vibrating phone for?
iVibe Massager not only makes a great massager, it  is one of the most discreet vibrator on the market. Thats right, we are talking about personal massagers .
Open up the app and use it in the car ride after work.
Lock the screen and let the iPhone massage the stress away.
Put it under your pillow and let iVibe Vibrating Massager soothe you to sleep.
It’s great for helping soothe the baby back to sleep too.
Are your feet sore at work? Try iVibe Vibrating Massager at your desk and see how much more relaxed you feel.

How discreet is it?
Because you cary your phone everywhere you go, you need not worry about someone accidentally finding your personal pleasure secret. After all, its just a phone. Right? 😉

How does it work?
iVibe Massager functions from the internal workings of a mobile device. The touch screen user interface is made to interact and be easy to control, even in the dark.  If iVibe Vibrating Massager isn’t enough boom for your buck, we recommend plenty of stronger, though more costly vibrators on the market. If you are looking to buy a vibrator with more power, another type of wireless vibrator, regular massager  or even avery discreet piece of jewelry might suite you better. But hey, iVibe Vibrating Massager is more cost effective and for less then $3, you get a multi speed, fully vibrating app. It s a great little toy.


Do you have a question for us? Would you like to share with us ways to improve iVibe or what you would like to see added to the app? No problem. Just send us a message.



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