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Hitachi Magic Wand

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Hitachi Magic Wand

Lets kick things off with the staple of powerful vibrators and personal massagers… the Hitachi Magic Wand. This thing is massive! It’s cleverly disguised as a personal massager, even the user manual has pictures of people using the Magic Wand on their backs and legs. As we all know from Sex and the City, its not just about a good neck rub. This powerful and durable wall plug vibrator is meant for hi-powered vibrating pleasure in places other then what’s indicated on the box. According to the label, this massager “helps relieve tension”…yeah, in your pants. At 14 inches long with a head the size of a tennis ball, the Magic Wand isn’t an easy thing to hide, nor is it quiet. With two speeds, low (Super Fast) and hi (Ludicrous Speed), if this thing doesn’t get you off, honey, nothing will.

If you are a women who is hard to please, or if you’re a man with a women who’s hard to please, have no fear…MAGIC WAND is here. It’s not battery operated for a reason. They don’t make batteries big enough, unless its a car battery, but thats just not practical. Lots of companies make attachments and accessories for your massager. Take for example the speed controller by Trinity Vibes. If you want to explore options and new sensations try one of many head attachments. We recommend the Vibratex Curved or Straight, perhaps the Miracle Massager by California Exotic. Or for the guys, this wand “Massage Tube“. You can figure it out. There are litterally hundreds of attachemnts for the Hitachi Magic Wand. Take ten extra minutes when buying yours and I’m sure you can find an attachment that suits you.

Because this classic vibrator/massager has gotten so many rave reviews, other company’s have ripped of the design. Adam and Eve have made the Magic Massager, Trinity Vibes made a 7 speed version and Wahl makes the Deluxe Wand. They are all basically the same thing; a really powerful, big and loud, wall plug-in vibrator.

For the price, about $50, the Hitachi Magic Wand is a pretty good product.

The Pros:

You get a strong vibrator with back, neck and knee massaging capabilties. The battery will never run out because it plugs into the wall (not so good if you are Amish) and lastly this thing is killer strong and will satisfy you!

The Cons:

Well, its baseball bat big. Its loud. It only has two speeds (none of which are slow) and it’s not portable. You be the judge. In our opinion, it makes a great back up product for when your favorite battery powered boy friend runs out of AAA juice.

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