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Trojan Vibrations Review

Posted 6 years ago by admin

Trojan Vibrations

As you probably already know, Trojan isn’t just about making condoms anymore. Sure, that is still the bread and butter of their business, but recently they jumped into the vibrator market, head first. No pun intended. Wink Wink ;).

With 7 different vibrating products, Trojan is introducing vibrators to the mass markets…and by markets I mean grocery stores and pharmacies. Gone is the day when the only vibrator you could buy at the local “Walgreens” was the Hitachi Magic Wand. Now anyone tall enough to reach the shelves, can walk out of the pharmacy loaded with condoms, vibrators, vibrating cock rings, vibrating tongue rings and vibrating finger attachments, that look like Freddy Krueger hands, all from Trojan.

The first Trojan product on our list is the Vibrating Touch Fingertip Massager. This thing is cheaply made and functions poorly. Sure, it’s a clit stimulator, but the vibration dies out. It starts off strong, but in a matter of minutes, you wish it had more settings. Great to start things off in some foreplay, but not great for finishing the job. Unless you are ok with gentle stimulation…which some people are. Another problem is that the darn thing wouldn’t stay on our fingers, it just vibrates off. The size of the vibrating area is really small too. The battery’s only lasted about 20 mins and thats just unacceptable. I don’t want to put new batteries in each time we use the thing.

One good point is that I can hide this thing anywhere. The small compact size makes the Trojan Vibrations Fingertip Massager easy to conceal in a sock/underwear drawer, jacket pocket, pillow case, night stand, old shoe or trash can…where it belongs.

Dirt cheap and feels that way. This is a product that belongs in the trash. The only reason to buy one is to test it yourself, or to waste 20 mins of your life. 

The Pros:

Strong start, small and discrete, easy to hide, super cheap and easy to clean. Great for first time vibrator users. Ohh, and you can get one at Walmart, CVS, Acme, Giant…anywhere that sells condoms. I suppose you could put in on the end of a penis and see how that feels for your man. Just an option. 

The Cons:

Well this isn’t going to be pretty. The batteries in the Trojan Vibrations Fingertip massager die quickly. The power, when you first turn it on, is not strong enough to get you off in the end. Small area which actually vibrates, only one vibrational mode, odd texture (at least we thought it was an odd texture).

The bottom line. If you are new to vibrators and want to try an easy beginners toy, this will do fine. But if you are a seasoned veteran, the Trojan Vibrating Touch fingertip Massager is great for, well…massaging your fingers.

Coming soon:  More Trojan Vibrations Reviews like the Twister, Tri-Phora, Pulse Intimate, Vibrating Mini and Multi Speed Vibrating Ring.




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